Mega cloud storage from Kim Dotcom launched

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Kim Dotcom launches the new cloud storage 'Mega' exactly 1 year after the shutdown of MegaUpload. In January 2012, MegaUpload was shutdown due to copyright infringments. The Judiciary and FBI called this MegaUpload copyright case "among the largest criminal copyright cases ever brought by the United States."

Mega cloud storage is a new beginning for Kim Dotcom, based in New Zealand.  Why New Zealand, is that because of the implications of MegaUpload in US? Found it in FAQ of Mega's official site.

It's doesn't matter Whether its an escape from MegaUpload's copyright cases for Mega to provide their services from New Zealand, because this new cloud storage is worth trying. Dotcom says that this new venture is not a revenge on MegaUpload's end, Mega cloud storage is bound to all legal factors.

This new cloud storage provider is similar to 'DropBox', 'Boxnet' etc. One cool feature of Mega is free storage limit.  Mega provides 50GB free storage and also there are other premium storage plans to choose from. Another important feature is the security and privacy of the user's data by HTTPS secure access and other encryption modes for the data. Mega is browser based and you don't have to install any client applications to upload or download files. Mega promises that Mega users can expect friendly client applications for Mobile, Tablets and other devices.

Mega loves google Chrome, if you are using any other browsers other than Chrome, Mega will suggest you to install chrome for better experience in uploading and other functionalities.  If you are using chrome browser, you have the choice to Drag and Drop file uploading.

For developers, Mega offers an API.  This API is based on HTTP/JSON request-response scheme.  Developers can use the Open JavaScript source code for API reference samples.  This is the code used for browser interface of Mega.  Mega also assures that, they will be providing the libraries and SDK's for various programming languages in the near future.

Find more from Mega official site :


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